Canada to command NATO mission in Iraq

By Aqsey Zahra

The Canadian Armed forces (CAF) will lead a new NATO Training and Capacity building mission in Iraq for its first year, stated Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.
According to the official press release from Prime Minister’s office, NATO training mission will begin from autumn, 2018 and run for a year. The release further states that Canadian armed forces will be deployed to Baghdad to enhance the skills of Iraqi army and stop the re-emergence of ISIS and other extremist groups.
Canada is providing four Griffon helicopters to assist the NATO mission as well, says the release.
“We are proud to take a leadership role in Iraq, and work with our Allies and the Government of Iraq, to help this region of the Middle East transition to long-lasting peace and stability”says Trudeau.
As a part of the training mission, additional 250 Canadian troops will also be deployed to join the partner NATO countries and help Iraqi forces build a strong security structure.
The founding member of NATO, Canada is alreadycontributing to Iraq’s rehabilitation and stability by aiding and collaborating with Iraqi security forces under the Operation IMPACT.
Official press release from Prime Minister’s office called the new training mission a positive step towards peace and stability after fighting and eliminating terrorism from Iraq.

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