Canadian Muslim lawmaker under attack on Twitter

Posted by Noor Ali

Not the first time Iqra Khalid object of wrath
TORONTO, Canada: A Canadian Muslim politician who received death threats after introducing a motion condemning Islamophobia has become the target of hate via Twitter, Canadian media reported Friday.
A supposedly funny parody Twitter account of Liberal MP Iqra Khalid is one of about 50 that criticize various members of the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Khalid asked Twitter to investigate after the account turned from humor to hate, accusing her of supporting Daesh and Sharia law.
“Everybody has the right to speak their mind, but freedoms come with responsibility and when we have the power to speak we should do it with care,” she said during an interview with a Canadian wire service. “It’s unfortunate that they are spreading fake news and sowing fear and division.”
There was no official announcement from Twitter on the investigation, but by mid-morning Friday the account was gone.
Federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, a Muslim, has also been targeted with a parody account in similar fashion.
In one instance, Khalid’s flyer advising people of an upcoming barbecue in her home electoral district in Mississauga, just outside of Toronto, was reproduced on the Twitter account, calling it an “anti-Canadian pro-Islamic Halal BBQ event.”
Khalid introduced the motion condemning Islamaphobia and system racism that was approved by Parliament last year.
The Khalid parody account had about 1,000 followers.
A parody account targeting Environment Minister Catherine McKenna was shut down last month as it was deemed too close to impersonation, violating Twitter’s policy.–AA

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