EU migration hits lowest level since 2017: UK

Posted by Noor Ali

Net long-term migration by EU nationals totaled 101,000 in 2017
LONDON: The number of people moving to the U.K. from the EU has dropped to its lowest level in four years, according to figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).
Data, published by the ONS on Monday, showed that net long-term migration by EU nationals was 101,000 in 2017, the lowest level since March 2013.
Net migration from countries outside the EU has continued to rise, increasing to 227,000 in 2017, the highest growth since September 2010.
The report has shown that, overall, 280,000 more people arrived in the U.K. than left in 2017.
The downward trend in long-term net migration from the EU is raising concerns among business leaders and employers who argue that the drop in immigration is costing the economy billions of pounds a year.
The National Health Service, catering and agricultural industry have come to rely on EU migrant workers and have reported a significant drop in their numbers of EU workers.
According to local media, EU workers cite Brexit as their main reason for not coming to the U.K., arguing that uncertainty over workers and citizens right has made them look for work elsewhere in the bloc.–AA

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