Red Hill fuel facility mission completed and transferred to US Navy

MAJOR GENERAL PAT RYDER announced the successful completion of the defueling mission at the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility in Hawaii by Joint Task Force-Red Hill, led by Vice Admiral John Wade. The mission concluded approximately six months ahead of schedule, and Secretary Austin has approved the handover of command and control of the facility to the United States Navy, now overseen by Rear Admiral Stephen Barnett. The transition marks a significant step following Secretary Austin’s 2022 directive for the facility’s defueling and closure due to environmental and public health concerns. A ceremony at the Battleship Missouri Memorial will officially commemorate the transfer of authority to the Navy Closure Task Force-Red Hill. Additionally, the Department of Defense continues its commitment to environmental stewardship and community safety in Hawaii. The announcement also covered the arrival of nearly 2,000 Marines and sailors in Australia to bolster the Australia-U.S. alliance through the 13th annual Marine Rotational Force-Darwin exercises aimed at enhancing regional stability and security.–News Desk