Sweden’s flag unfurled at NATO headquarters in Belgium

Brussels, Belgium: Swedish flag was hoisted at NATO headquarters in Brussels, signifying Sweden’s official accession as the 32nd member of the alliance. This event was celebrated by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg as a significant milestone during a press briefing in Brussels following the ratification of Sweden’s membership.

Stoltenberg highlighted the importance of this moment, noting that after maintaining a policy of non-alignment for over two centuries, Sweden now benefits from the security and protection provided by NATO’s Article 5, enhancing not only Sweden’s security but also that of the alliance.

He also pointed out the failure of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attempts to halt the expansion of NATO.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson expressed his country’s pride in joining NATO and gratitude towards Stoltenberg for his support during the accession process. Kristersson emphasized Sweden’s readiness to meet the high expectations set for the country and its commitment to being a valuable ally within the organization.

This development concludes Sweden’s nearly two-year journey towards NATO membership, initiated in May 2022 alongside Finland, in the wake of the Ukrainian conflict. While Finland became a NATO member last year, Sweden’s bid faced obstacles from Türkiye, which demanded more stringent action against terrorist organizations, notably the PKK, and from Hungary. Following diplomatic efforts, including a visit by Kristersson to Budapest, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban eventually endorsed Sweden’s entry into NATO last month.–Web Desk