Turkish man fights for life after arrest by UK police

30-year-old Mesut Olgun is in critical condition after ‘alleged’ suicide attempt in custody
LONDON: A Turkish man who lost consciousness in police custody in the U.K. and was admitted to a hospital last week is fighting for his life, his family said Tuesday.
Mesut Olgun, 30, who came to the U.K. about 10 years ago as a student was arrested after he allegedly broke a shop window in Bromyard, Hereforedshire and attacked with a knife the policemen and a police dog who came to the scene to investigate the incident.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Olgun’s relative Kadir Duran said the hospital authorities have asked the family to switch the life supporting unit, claiming that he is now brain dead.
Olgun was charged with three counts of criminal damage to property, possessing an offensive weapon in a public place, affray, assaulting a person thereby occasioning them actual bodily harm and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, according to a statement by the West Mercia police.
He was remanded in custody and is due to appear before a crown court on July 9, the final police statement on Olgun said.
Olgun is understood to have been admitted to hospital with “self-inflicted” wounds after an alleged suicide attempt while under custody.
Olgun’s family thinks he was beaten up while he was in custody.
Anadolu Agency did not get any further explanation from British police regarding circumstances in which Olgun was taken to hospital in a very serious condition.–AA

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