Canada marks international day of UN peacekeepers

PR: “On this International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, Canada salutes the vital work done by all peacekeepers—women and men—to end conflict, restore stability and protect millions of vulnerable people.
“We are proud of the many Canadian military personnel, police officers and civilians who have supported, and who are currently supporting, United Nations peace operations missions all over the world, and we offer our sincere thanks to their families. We also honour the memory of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of peace.
“As the world faces a growing number of threats, Canada is determined to support international efforts to reform United Nations peacekeeping to meet these challenges, as evidenced by our role in the Vancouver Principles, which aim to end the use of child soldiers, and the Elsie Initiative, which seeks to increase the meaningful participation of women in peace operations.
“Canada has always supported the United Nations and continues to firmly believe that United Nations peacekeeping missions are an important tool for maintaining international peace and security.”

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