khashoggi’s fiancee to attend trump’s state of the union address

Khashoggi’s fiancée will be the guest for state of the union address, according to democratic congressman Gerry Connolly.
Connolly presumed “Hatice’s courage to sit in the House Chamber Tuesday night should serve as a clarion call to the President that no matter how high it goes, Saudi Arabia must be held accountable for the murder of this loving father and fiancée, respected journalist, U.S. resident, my constituent, and reformer”.
The senior member of the house foreign affairs committee, Connolly required the trump government to take adequate actions against the slaughter.
He adds “Congress has acted. Now too must the President”.
Khashoggi was assassinated on 2nd Oct, 2018, in turkey inside the Saudi consulate.
Connolly brought in the protection of Saudi dissidents act, a law to hold Saudi Arabia liable for the killing of Khashoggi, which prevents arms sales to the country under discussion- without any concern for the amount –for more than 3 months or more until the Saudis meet particular human rights standards.
It would also necessitate a report to clarify if Saudi officials are involved in terrorization and persecution of Khashoggi or any other person from the US and intelligence services to clarify if it completed its duty to caution Khashoggi regarding the imminent threat.
Trump will attend to the state of the union on Tuesday, while the senate is ready to vote for or against Trump in his impeachment trial on Wednesday.
Trump is a target of two different articles of impeachment passed by the House of Representatives in December.
The first article is related to abuse of power as trump held millions of dollars in security support to Ukraine, and the second article was related to obstruction of congress; a refusal to cooperate with the congress investigation and his order that top agencies do the same.–Worldwide News

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