Netanyahu Visits Air Force Operations Center at Kirya, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, 4 July 2024 – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Air Force operations center at the Kirya in Tel Aviv today. During his visit, he received a detailed briefing on the operational activities across various war sectors, including air defense strategies for future operations.

Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed gratitude to the Air Force Commander and his team, praising their critical role in both defense and offense. He emphasized the Air Force’s importance in ensuring the nation’s security.

In his address, Netanyahu stated:

“I am here in the Air Force operations center, where I received a comprehensive briefing from the Air Force Commander on our defensive and offensive activities for the State of Israel. The Air Force’s contribution is immense and ongoing.

In the ongoing campaign against Lebanon, we have established a clear principle: those who harm us will pay the price. We are enforcing this. The road ahead is long, but we are committed to restoring security in the north and ensuring the safe return of our residents.”

The visit included high-ranking officials such as the Prime Minister’s Chief-of-Staff, the Director of the National Security Council, the Prime Minister’s Military Secretary, the Air Force Commander, the Air Force Chief-of-Staff, and other senior Air Force commanders and officers.–News Desk