UAE leads historic airdrop of 90 tons of humanitarian aid in Gaza

The United Arab Emirates’ Defense Ministry announced a major humanitarian initiative, executing the largest airdrop of aid in the northern Gaza Strip, delivering 90 tons of relief materials. This operation, named Operation Birds of Goodness, was a collaborative effort between the UAE and Egyptian Air Forces, marking the 16th airdrop under this mission. The initiative has collectively distributed 664 tons of food and relief supplies to the hard-to-reach areas of northern Gaza.

This significant airdrop forms part of Operation Chivalrous Knight, initiated on November 5, 2023, by directive of UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, aiming to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians affected by the ongoing conflict. The operation’s launch on February 29 seeks to provide sustained assistance amidst the escalating humanitarian crisis.

The backdrop of this aid comes amidst a severe military offensive in Palestinian territories, following a cross-border attack on October 7, leading to widespread casualties, displacement, and infrastructural damage in Gaza. The international community, including the International Court of Justice, has called for urgent humanitarian intervention and accused Israel of committing genocidal acts, demanding immediate cessation and assurance of aid delivery to Gaza’s civilians.–Web Desk