3,600 prisoners escape as gangs overrun Haitian prison

In a dramatic turn of events on Sunday, armed gangs raided the Croix des Bouquets Prison in the capital, Port-au-Prince, triggering clashes with security forces. The brazen attack led to the escape of approximately 3,600 inmates, with 12 individuals reported killed during the violent confrontation.

The Haitian government issued a statement attributing the chaos to criminal organizations, noting that armed assailants breached the prison in the early hours of the morning. Despite resistance from police forces, the attackers managed to flee the area.

Among the incarcerated were 17 Colombian citizens, prompting the Colombian government to initiate communication with Haitian authorities for further information and coordination.

Local media outlets have reported additional casualties, including the deaths of four police officers in attacks over the past three days, along with numerous injuries sustained during the clashes.

The prison break comes amidst a backdrop of ongoing civil unrest, with thousands of demonstrators demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry. These protests have frequently escalated into clashes with law enforcement, exacerbating tensions across the country.–Web Desk