Biden Hosts NATO Summit, Strengthens Ukraine Support

President Joe Biden is hosting leaders from 38 countries in Washington this week to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NATO alliance.

White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby announced that a meeting of the NATO Ukraine Council will take place on Thursday. Following this, Biden will host an event with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and nearly two dozen allies and partners, including the United States, who have security agreements with Ukraine.

Since the passage of the supplemental military assistance package in April, Biden has authorized seven security packages for Ukraine, including five drawdowns of munitions and equipment. Kirby noted that these deliveries have helped stabilize the situation on the ground.

Ukrainian forces have successfully halted Russia’s advance north of Kharkiv, preventing the capture of the city and limiting Russian gains to areas just across the border and in Zaporizhzhia.

In the spotlight is the ongoing support for Ukraine. “Throughout these last three months, the Russians have attacked relentlessly across all fronts, and the price they have paid for the few meters they have gained has been extensive: heavy casualties, destroyed equipment, disrupted supply lines, degraded morale. The people of Ukraine have, yet again, demonstrated that when supplied and supported by the international community and the United States, they can hold off the largest army in Europe,” Kirby said.

Kirby also highlighted that Russia continues to bombard frontline towns with low-accuracy glide bombs and missiles, harming civilians.

The United States and several allies will make significant announcements at this week’s summit regarding strengthening military and political partnerships with Ukraine.–News Desk