Coronavirus outbreak: death toll rises to 490

Death toll rose to 490 as corona virus outbreak in mainland china, after the origin of virus outbreak, Hubei reported 65 deaths from corona virus.
On Wednesday, the china’s national health commission said “the number of confirmed infections in the country rose to 24,324 after an additional 3,887 people was diagnosed with the virus”.
Other countries rushed to take out their citizens from capital city Wuhan and Hubei, while many other counties enacted severe travel restrictions on traveler to and from china.
Outside china, countries continue to report more cases, and Philippines and Hong Kong reported one death each from the corona virus.
The head of WHO called for more solidarity among the international world, and condemned governments for being “well behind” in sharing information on virus affectees. He said he has gained complete case report forms from only 38 percent of the instances outside China.
February 5, Wednesday
Evacuee plane arrives to New Zealand from Wuhan
A plane carrying New Zealanders, pacific islanders and Australians evacuated citizens from Wuhan city of china and arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, where they will be secluded to
Wednesday, February 5
Corona virus evacuee plane from Wuhan arrives in New Zealand to prevent the corona virus from spreading, officials said.
The air New Zealand ltd flight landed with three consular staff, 190 evacuees and five health officials about 6 pm local time. The New Zealanders will be in isolation for two weeks.
And, among the passengers were Australian residents with Chinese passports and 35 Australians.
The pacific islanders would be held in quarantine at a military base with the New Zealanders in north of Auckland, Whangaparaora, as the Australians would be shifted to a location in Australia without mentioning its name.
Mainland china border to further tighten by Hong Kong
The leader Carrielam said “Hong Kong will close two cruise terminals and will put anyone coming from mainland China into compulsory quarantine for 14 days”.
Lam said the actions were taken to percent the spread of virus cross borders which originated in mainland china.
Some medical staff called for a full border closure and has been on strike for last three days.
Lam said “There have been 21 confirmed cases in Hong Kong”.
Two Malaysians were tested positive for virus as they brought from Wuhan.
Two Malaysians who were evacuated from Wuhan have tested positive for the corona virus as the confirmed, and confirmed cases in the country rose to 12, said the Southeast Asian nation’s health ministry.
A 45 year old lady along with her 9 year old son did not show any sig n of the disease as they landed to Kuala Lumpur, later lab tests confirmed they had contracted the virus, said the health minister Dzulkefly Ahmad.
He said “Both are receiving treatment in an isolation ward … and they are in stable condition”.
Russia not restricting food from china owing to corona virus
According to Russian news agency, the deputy head of the agriculture ministry said Russia is not restricting food supply from china owing to novel corona virus.
Maxim Uvaydov said “We are not considering it”, further there has not been any information regarding spread of corona virus through food.
Qatar airways carry on cargo operations to china
The CEO of Qatar airways Akbar al baker said the airline which suspended passenger flights to and from China since Feb 3 will carry on its cargo services to the mainland china.
He said “Qatar Airways hopes other countries will soon ease entry restrictions on people who recently visited China” while addressing an aviation event in Doha.
Al baker added, “The airline is donating medical supplies to China”.
The taxi driver conveys hopeful message to Wuhan
A Thai driver sent a message to Wuhan city to keep fighting the virus as he recovered from the novel corona virus after catching it from Chinese visitors. The 50 year old driver said “I watched the news everyday from my quarantine room and send my support to Wuhan” while he was wearing a surgical mask to hide his identity at a press conference.
The driver said “Even I can beat it. So can you” when he was discharged from hospital.
Tokyo Olympics chief raises concern for this year’s games
The organizers of Tokyo Olympics 2020 uttered deep concern related to the effect of corona virus on this year’s game, beginning in next six months.
Chief executive of Tokyo Olympics Toshiro Muto said “I’m very worried that the spread of the infectious disease could throw cold water on the growing momentum towards the Games” while he was attending a meeting with officials of the international Paralympics committee (IPC), as reported by broadcaster.
Muto added “Tokyo organizers will coordinate with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the IPC, the Japanese government and Tokyo’s city government to take measures against the virus”.
Cathay pacific urges 27,000 workers to take unpaid leave
Cathay pacific, Hong Kong’s chief shipping company urging its staff 27,000 workers to take an unpaid leave of up to three weeks, CEO Augustus tang said, while their airline counters a trouble due to the novel corona virus outbreak.
In a video message posted online, tang said “I am hoping all of you will participate, from our frontline employees to our senior leaders, and share in our current challenges”.
Tang informed Cathay was facing “one of the most difficult Chinese New Year holidays we have ever had” because of the epidemic.
He added “And we don’t know how long it will last”. And “With such an uncertain outlook, preserving our cash is now the key to protecting our business”
Foxconn anticipated to resume production late February
Foxconn from Taiwan aims to “gradually” resume factories in china next week however, to could take minimum one to two weeks to restart full production as corona virus spread in china, said a person direct related to the matter.
Foxconn from Taiwan manufactures smart phones for vendors worldwide including apple, has requested to restart factories with local governments in china, sources said, summing up that full recommencement was not feasible till late February because of several travel bans to curtail the virus.
China is supporting virus-hit businesses to raise funds through debt mechanisms
China will strongly support the debt issuance and debt financing companies that are highly affected by the corona virus, according to china’s bond market regulator. The national association of financial market institutional investors (NAFMII) said “it will also support the companies who have participated in containing the spread of the virus, according to a statement published on the central bank’s official WeChat account”. The people’s bank of china supported the NAFMII. The association held it will let the virus hit firms to issue bonds and lift funds through other mechanisms like ABN asset backed notes. The association encourages a lenient approach to repayment of debts.
Vietnam establishing filed hospitals for possible virus entry
Vietnam is establishing medical centers with thousands of beds to deal with possible influx of corona virus instances, said health officials, as it is ready to receive its citizens from china.
In the business hub of southern region Ho Chi Minh City, two existing centers are changed into filed hospitals to facilitate 500 beds.
Tow military centers are transformed into isolation centers for more than 1,500 people in Hanoi, as the country gets ready to welcome 95 citizens from china to be secluded at these locations.
Central Vietnam and two receives in Vietnam establish medical centers for virus facilitates near 3700 and 3000 beds respectively.
African students confined in corona virus hit Wuhan, ask for help
Trapped in the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak, students from Africa insist their governments to remove them from china.
China tends to establish more hospitals due to corona virus outbreak
In a matter of days, two infectious disease medical centers were established at the epicenter of the virus outbreak/ the Huoshenshan hospital, that can facilitate 1, 00 beds and the Leishenshan hospital facilitating 1,600 beds have been the center of attention for the state run media, with full time coverage.
However, less known about other hospital under construction in other regions of the China to face the issues like shortage of beds and other services required to deal with the epidemic.
China lab endeavors for copyright on use of Gilead’s experimental treatment
A Chinese research institution working under the government seeks copyright on use of Gilead sciences experiment antiviral drug US, which scientists assume, can treat the corona virus which has killed and affected hundred and thousands of people.
The institute of virology, Wuhan, said it has applied copyright to use the remedy which is also used to treat illness like Ebola.
Uzbekistan vacates 84 citizens from Wuhan city in china
Uzbekistan has evacuated more than 80 people from china and will place them in isolation as approved in Tashkent, said the central Asian nation’s state airline.
Uzbekistan airways said “the passengers were being accompanied by doctors and specialists with protective equipment”.
Philippine confirm cases of corona virus
So far, Philippines have confirmed third case of corona virus, a 60 year old female, according to the Philippines department of health. One of the three affectees of corona virus died on Saturday in Philippines became the first death from corona virus outside china. Currently, there are 133 persons suspected for corona virus, including 115 people who have been in isolation and hospitalized.
City-wide sterilization campaign started in Wuhan
In an effort to control the spread of corona virus, city wide sterilization campaign is carried out in Wuhan, the epicenter of epidemic.
The state owned media posted a video to show sterilization campaign wherein a truck is spraying in a city block, and a motor rickshaw making rounds and shooting thick white vapors in the air across the residential area of the city.
30 members of the crew in a cruise ship displaying signs of virus including fever
“30 members of a cruise ship, carrying 1,800 people, showing symptoms, including fever”, announced by the Hong Kong health department. Earlier on Wednesday, the ship docked in Hong Kong after it was denied entry is Taiwan. “None of the passengers in the ship came in contact with three mainland Chinese with corona virus who were onboard the ship from January 19 to 24” officials said.
Virus to hurt economy, says Vietnam
Owing to the spread of corona virus and the weeklong lunar New Year holiday, the gross domestic product in the first quarter of the current year will slow down by 1 percent, said the government official on Wednesday. It said in a statement “Vietnam’s aviation, tourism, agriculture industries and exports are all expected to be harmed by the epidemic”. It declares “”If (the) Chinese economy slowed significantly, it would continue to impact Vietnam”.
China as Vietnam’s largest trading ally
Ferry to be used by Japan as quarantine ship
Wednesday, Japanese military designs a chartered ferry to be used as a quarantine ship that could facilitate hundred of people suspected for corona virus. The hakuo was landed at the naval base near Tokyo, Yokosuka.
A Japanese self defense official said “Around 300 people could comfortably live on the ship and it has a maximum capacity for 500, although that would mean queues for the baths and other facilities”.
Japan has not quarantined people evacuated from Wuhan by imposing the decision upon them. he added “People quarantined on the Hakuo will be confined to quarters for around 10 days and provided with a tablet computer and Wi-Fi to help them pass the time”. Further on “Each will be provided with toiletries and other necessities during their stay, with meals brought to their rooms”.
On Thursday, Japan is sending fourth chartered flight to Wuhan
The Japanese foreign minister Toshimitus Motegi said “Japan would send a fourth chartered flight to Wuhan to bring back about 200 people” on Wednesday. Motegi told reporters “The passengers could include Japanese nationals as well as their Chinese spouses”.
UK is planning another flight to evacuate its citizens from china
Tuesday, British foreign minister said “it will charter another civilian aircraft to evacuate British nationals and their dependants from Wuhan on Sunday. It will be their last chance to leave”.
In a statement, foreign secretary Dominic Raab said “The Foreign Office is chartering a second and final UK flight with space to help all British nationals and their dependants remaining in Hubei to leave”. Britain has insisted its citizen’s o leave china if they could to minimize risk of corona virus.
About 10 people in isolation cruise ship showed signs of corona virus
Wednesday, Japan’s health minister said “At least 10 people on a cruise ship quarantined in Yokohama have tested positive for the corona virus”. The diamond princess was quarantined with 3700 people on board, as a passenger who got off the liner in Hong Kong for being diagnosed with corona virus.
As screening is carried out, the number of affectees is possible to increase.
US may launch further evacuation flights to china, Wuhan
The department of states mentioned “it may operate additional evacuation flights for US citizens in Wuhan” on Thursday.–Worldwide News

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