Gallant Leads Key Security Review in Northern Israel

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant Conducts Security Assessment in the North

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant addressed the troops of the Armored Corps stationed in the Mount Hermon region, emphasizing the critical nature of their mission against Hezbollah. “These are crucial days for demonstrating our strength against an enemy that only responds to force,” Gallant stated. “Even if we reach an agreement in the southern arena, our fight here will continue until Hezbollah agrees to terms and ensures the safe return of Israel’s northern communities.”

Gallant highlighted significant losses inflicted on Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorist organizations, noting that 450 fighters, including 15 high-ranking commanders, had been eliminated. This includes three division commanders, accounting for over 50% of Hezbollah’s total commanders in southern Lebanon.

On Sunday, July 7, 2024, Gallant held an operational assessment in the Hermon region with Division 210’s Commander, Brigade 188’s Commander, and battalion commanders from the Hermon and Mount Dov areas. The briefing covered Hezbollah’s aggression and Iranian efforts to establish a foothold in the Golan Heights. Discussions focused on operational strategies to counter these threats.

Later, Gallant met with Armored Battalion 53 troops to discuss operations in Gaza and preparations to defend against Hezbollah. He reiterated the importance of readiness and diminishing the enemy’s capabilities.

“I issued clear directives to our forces in both the south and north,” Gallant said. “These are separate arenas. Even if we reach a hostage deal, which I hope we will, it does not affect our actions here. A ceasefire in the south does not bind us here; we will continue fighting to achieve our goals and ensure the safety of our communities in the north.”–News Desk