Hezbollah Commander Among Four Killed in Israeli Airstrike

Beirut, Lebanon — Hezbollah announced the death of four of its members, including senior commander Taleb Abdullah, 55, in ongoing confrontations with the Israeli army in southern Lebanon. Abdullah, from the southern town of Aadchit, is the most senior Hezbollah commander killed by Israel since October 7.

This latest incident follows the January killing of another Hezbollah military commander, Wissam al-Tawil, in an Israeli airstrike. The new fatalities bring the total number of Hezbollah fighters killed in clashes with Israeli forces to 340 since October 8, 2023, according to an Anadolu tally.

The Israeli airstrike that resulted in these deaths occurred late Tuesday in the town of Jouaiyya in southern Lebanon.

On the same day, Hezbollah announced it had carried out 10 operations against Israeli military targets and settlements near the Lebanon-Israel border. Tensions have escalated along this border amid ongoing cross-border attacks, as Israel continues its offensive on the Gaza Strip, which has resulted in nearly 37,200 deaths since October following a Hamas attack.–News Desk