Iraqi court convicted two French men to death for being Islamic State fighters.

An Iraqi court convicted 2 French men to death on Sunday when finding them guilty of being members of monotheism State, a prosecuting attorney told Reuters.
Iraq is conducting trials of thousands of suspected islamic State fighters, as well as many foreigners, with several in remission because the group’s strongholds broken.
President Emmanuel Macron’s government has aforesaid France respects Iraqi sovereignty, however opposes the execution.
Sunday’s sentences bring the number of French voters facing the execution in Iraq to 9, the prosecuting attorney aforesaid, adding that another 3 are due to stand trial on Monday.
“There was comfortable proof to hand down a death sentence. They each were fighters of the terrorist monotheism State organisation,” the prosecuting attorney aforesaid of the convictions, which might be appealed.
French government minister Jean-Yves le Drian aforesaid on Tuesday that France was gathering diplomatic efforts to stop four of its voters being dead in Iraq when they were sentenced to death for happiness to islamic State.
All the 9 French men guilty thus far were extradited to Iraq in Feb and military sources at the time aforesaid that fourteen French voters were among 280 Iraqi and foreign detainees handed over by the U.S-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)…. HADISA

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