Libyan Army recaptures 2 camps from warlord Haftar

ANKARA- On Saturday, spokesman said that the Libyan Army has recaptured two camps of armed forces from warlord Khalifa Haftar’s forces south of the capital Tripoli.

Mohammed Kanunu in his statement emphasized that the army conducting successful operations against Haftar’s militia cheered happily after taking the Hamza and Yarmuk Military Camps. He further added that the army keeping its appreciative efforts is likely clearing away mines and IEDs planted by Haftar’s forces.

Libyan Army through a massive air campaign in which multiple Russian-made Pantsir air-defense systems were struck, inflicted heavy blows on the Haftar side this week.

Al-Watiya airbase is considered a strategically important military asset which Haftar’s militia spent years in using it. However, the army has addressed to make the control of it certain by securing.

Since April 2019, warlord Haftar’s armed forces have been making targets on Libyan Government. In a attack which Haftar’s illegal forces launched in eastern Libya, killed around 1,000 people.

On March 26, the Libyan government held an Operation Peace Storm in order to avoid the strength of following attacks.

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