US bans entry of non-US nationals from Brazil amid COVID-19

WASHINGTON- On Sunday, United States made an official announcement claiming the suspension of entry of all non-US citizens travelling from Brazil amid new novel coronavirus pandemic.

“The President has made decision today to not allow the aliens who have been in Brazil during the 14-day period before searching admittance to the United States. This all has been planned to protect America from the pandemic spread.” Kayleigh McEnany who is House spokesperson said in a statement.

With more than 347,000 confirmed cases of virus infections and over 22,000 deaths from the virus, South American nation being the world’s second highest number of confirmed cases, is now considered the the hotspot of the pandemic in the region. However globally the virus has killed more than 344,000 people.

Due to insufficient testing of over 210 million people in the country, the actual strength of the cases is expected higher and could be more than estimated ones as medical experts claim.

“Action taken today will ensure foreign citizens who were in Brazil do not become a source of further spread of the virus in our country,” said McEnany.

The following announcement made an appear after few days when Donald Trump- the President of US declared that he is on his plans of imposing a halt on all flights coming from Brazil and Latin America due to the outbreak which is getting worsening in the region.
According to the facts collected regarding virus from Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 1.6 million people have contracted the disease in the US, and 97,600 death cases.

On Friday, WHO- World Health Organization declared South America a new epicenter of the pandemic including Brazil the hardest-hit.

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