Netanyahu praises military precision in Shifa operation

In a recent address, the Israeli Prime Minister lauded the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Israel Security Agency (ISA) for their meticulous operation in Shifa, which is identified as a central hub for Hamas’s terror activities. Last week’s surprise military action resulted in the elimination of over 100 terrorists, including key leaders, and led to the surrender of others. Emphasizing the operation’s precision, the Prime Minister clarified that Shifa was far from a civilian site, instead serving as a base for terror operations.

The operation also yielded vital intelligence, aiding in efforts to locate hostages and plan future military actions across the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, and beyond. The Prime Minister also announced the approval of an operational plan for Rafah, signaling readiness for civilian evacuation and humanitarian aid, underscoring the necessity of confronting Hamas battalions in Rafah as a strategic imperative for victory.

The Prime Minister expressed deep empathy for the hostages and their families, mentioning the distressing testimonies of sexual abuse suffered by hostages Amit Soussana and others. Criticism was aimed at the silence of global women’s organizations regarding these abuses. Efforts to communicate with international figures, including the mother of the Emir of Qatar, were highlighted as part of the broader endeavor to secure the hostages’ release.

Acknowledging the complex balance between military action and negotiation, the Prime Minister noted that approximately half of the hostages had been freed through these efforts. Despite criticism, he affirmed his commitment to securing the release of all hostages, rejecting any claims of inaction. The negotiations with Hamas were described as challenging, particularly given Hamas’s demands with significant security implications.

The Prime Minister also addressed calls for elections amid the ongoing conflict, arguing that such a move would only serve to delay the achievement of the war’s objectives and hinder the hostage release negotiations. The commitment to return all hostages, including civilians and soldiers, was reiterated, with a call for unity and faith in ultimate success.–News Desk