PM Imran’s plane compelled to turn back to New York

The plane on which Prime Minister Imran Khan and his delegation was heading out from New York to Pakistan after a fruitful voyage through the United States was redirected back to New York on Saturday. According to the reports the little technical fault was detected when the PM imran’s plane was near Toronto. There was no serious issue found the problem will be fixed soon but it is not mentioned when will be the issue fixed. Meanwhile ambassador Lodhi excorted the prime minister back to the Roosevelt hotel where he was staying in his hectic seven day trip. Reports said if the plane is not fixed in the morning the prime minister would take a commercial flight back to pakistan where he will visit the earthquake area and affected families.

Notably, the PM was coming back to Pakistan in a plane owned by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. The premier had also arrived in the US on the crown prince’s plane.


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