Protests Erupt Across France After Snap Election Results

Demonstrations erupted across France late Sunday following the results of the country’s snap parliamentary election. People celebrated the surprise victory of the left-wing alliance, according to preliminary results.

Tensions rose in Republique Square in central Paris, where police intervened against protesters, Le Figaro reported. Masked groups set fire to objects in the streets.

In Lille, police reportedly used tear gas against 500 members of an “anti-fascist” group. In Marseille, protests involving 5,000 people were marked by chants against the far right.

In Rennes, police arrested 25 people and used tear gas to disperse an unauthorized demonstration.

The leftist New Popular Front (NPF) alliance is projected to win 187 to 198 seats in the National Assembly, according to Ifop’s estimates. President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist Together for the Republic alliance ranked second with 161 to 169 seats, while the far-right National Rally (RN) party is expected to secure 135 to 143 seats.

With the National Assembly having a total of 577 seats, none of the three primary blocs are projected to achieve an absolute majority of 289 seats.

The first round, held on June 30, saw 76 candidates elected without needing a second round. The RN received 29.26% of the vote (37 seats), rising to over 33% with allies. The NPF garnered 28.06% (32 seats), and Together for the Republic finished third with slightly over 20.04% (two seats).

President Macron dissolved parliament and called for early elections after the RN’s success in the European Parliament elections on June 9, where they defeated his centrist bloc with over 31% of the vote.