Protests held across Pakistan’s Balochistan after a woman shot dead

The protesters gathered at Shaheed Fida Chawk in Turbat demanding immediate arrest of lawbreakers. In the demonstration, women, children, old ones and students participated in a large number calling justice for Bramsh Baloch

Turbat- Many demonstrators across Pakistani province Balochistan made an approach on the roads calling justice against recent brutal killing of a women- Malik Naz whose daughter Bramsh Baloch was left injured in the attack.

On May 26, three armed robbers stormed into a house in Danuk- a small colony located at Kech(Turbat); second largest city of the province. Three of the robbers were welcomed by a lady who was shot dead while her 4-year daughter Bramsh Baloch wounded and was shifted to Karachi for treatment.

From then on, entire province (Balochistan) turned an epicenter of demonstrations where many social activists, political leaders, teachers, students, writers and many more made their presence appeared on the roads and streets chanting slogans, read “Justice for Bramsh” and “Baloch lives matter”.

However, amid pandemic of novel coronavirus, the country’s province is on the roads which is a great threat calling an outbreak on rise in the province. Government of Balochistan seems paralyzed and less interested to address this issue and call an arrest order against lawbreakers.

All cities across Balochistan made great participations chanting against brutal killing of the women. While, Lahore and Karachi condemned and showed solidarity with Bramsh Baloch.

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