Somalia: Bomb blast kills 10, wounds over 13 civilians

MOGADISHU, Somalia- According to the officials, there was an explosion on a civilian transport vehicle in the vicinity of Hawa Abdi, the lower Shabelle region of Somalia on Sunday morning.
The attack claimed 10 people’s lives and over 13 people were reported injured who were driving in the vehicle.

One of the police officers who belongs to the following area
Hussein Abdi Ali, further shared information about the attack acknowledging that the attack was a roadside bomb blast which expired around 10 people, adding that the explosion happened in Hawa Abdi outside the capital Mogadishu at the time of rush hour in the morning.

Confirming the news certain, the Somali government spokesman; Ismail Mukhtar Oronjo also expressed the explosion certain and said that around 10 killed and at least 13 people were reported wounded. The injuries were given quick drive for better treatment to the Madina hospital situated in Mogadishu, adding that cases of death may rise further as the conditions of some injuries were reported life-threatening.

So far there has been no claims of calling the responsibility of the attack by an group. But, the responsibility of the recent attack happened in the horn of African country was accepted by Somali-based al-Qaeda affiliated group al-Shabaab who claimed it their target.

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