Spain’s Prime Minister Condemns Gaza Crisis, Calls for Cease-Fire at Jordan Summit

Oviedo, Spain — The humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza is “seriously undermining international law, the multilateral system, and the rules-based order,” Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez stated on Tuesday.

Speaking at the Urgent Humanitarian Response for Gaza conference in Jordan, Sanchez urged both Israel and Hamas to “act in a responsible manner” and to “seize the opportunity for peace.” He referenced the US cease-fire resolution that recently received the UN Security Council’s backing.

“We must increase the pressure for a cease-fire,” Sanchez emphasized.

In recent weeks, the Spanish government has not only recognized Palestinian statehood but also announced its decision to join South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Defending this decision, Sanchez noted that the ICJ’s provisional measures to halt the Rafah offensive and ensure unhindered access for international aid are legally binding, though he pointed out that “it is evident they are not being respected.”

“International law must prevail,” Sanchez asserted.

He highlighted that the situation in Gaza is “more critical now than ever” and declared that Spain will bolster aid flows to the besieged region. In 2023, Spain tripled its aid to Palestine to €50 million ($53.6 million) and pledged an additional €16 million for 2024.

As part of his proposal to enhance humanitarian aid to Palestine, Sanchez suggested that development aid should also support the Palestinian Authority and ultimately aim for a two-state solution.

“Today, I stand in front of you convinced that our people expect from us that we all collectively advance toward concrete results and actions to stop the suffering in Gaza and build a better future of peace in the Middle East,” he concluded.

The conference, organized by Jordan, Egypt, and the UN, aims to reach a consensus on practical measures to address the immediate needs on the ground in Gaza. Representatives from dozens of nations are participating and are expected to hold a joint press conference at the end of the day.–News Desk