Students say no to online classes in Balochistan, Pakistan

Demonstrators from all across Balochistan have come out to fight against HEC's decision. However, the student alliance has announced to hold a hunger strike camp outside HEC headquarters in Islamabad against this decision next week

QUETTA- Thousands of students have been protesting against Higher Education Commission (HEC) since it has declared the conduction of online classes nationwide mandatory for higher educational institutions.

The students from Balochistan; a province in Pakistan, have been chanting slogans against HEC’s decision of online classes which they(students) announce it impossible unless internet is restored province-wide.

Many universities in the country have started online classes and have strictly asked the students to ensure their attendance. In case of not making attendance possible, the result, as HEC warned, undoubtedly sounds negative.

Balochistan has been suffering from the absence of internet since 2017. So far, there are 14 districts which have been deprived of internet. Turbat; the second largest city of the province, has witnessed the nonavailability of internet(2g and 3g) since it had been suspended in 2017.

The students who are in demonstrations claim their demands of cancellation of the decision of online classes or restore internet in the province without which online classes seem impossible.

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