Two US soldiers killed in Afghanistan “insider attack”

Two US forces and Afghan militants have been slaughtered in an attack in eastern Afghanistan.
In the Nangarhar province attack, nine people were injured, on Wednesday.
The US military spokesman Col sonny Leggett stated: “Reports indicate an individual in an Afghan uniform opened fire on the combined US and Afghan force with a machine gun”.
Since 2001, about 13,000 US militants are in Afghanistan following the US intrusion to overthrow the Taliban.
Col Leggette said, “We are still collecting information, and the cause or motive behind the attack is unknown at this time”.
The assailant who opened fire was also killed during the fight; a provincial council member Sohrab Qaderi reported the news agency.
The defense ministry of Afghanistan said a “delegation was investigating the incident together with the US team in Nangarhar”.
Last November, the US president assured to “substantially” reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan while he visited the American militants in Afghanistan.
Donald Trump said to the US militants it was the first time he did not have Turkey on thanksgiving.
Peace negotiations among the US and Taliban troops have been stuck in recent months.–Worldwide News

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