Ukraine signals its involvement in attack on Samara, Russia bridge

Ukraine has alluded to its involvement in a recent attack on a railway bridge in Russia’s Samara region. The country’s military intelligence agency highlighted on Monday that the incident significantly disrupted traffic flow in the area. This kind of acknowledgment from Kyiv is unusual, despite the frequency of infrastructure attacks within Russia.

The agency reported on Telegram, “A railway bridge over the Chapaevka River in Russia’s Samara region was destroyed. On March 4, 2024, at around 6:00 am (0200 GMT), the bridge’s support structures were demolished,” accompanying the announcement with a photo of the wrecked bridge.

The bridge was reportedly used by Russia to transport ammunition from a factory in Chapayevsk, situated approximately 1,000km (621 miles) from Ukraine. While the statement didn’t explicitly take credit for the attack, Ukrainian intelligence’s commentary on incidents within Russia is uncommon.

The destruction of the bridge is expected to render it unusable for an extended period. This event is part of a series of attacks targeting Russia’s railway network, which Ukraine asserts is being used by Moscow to transport troops and supplies for its offensive in Ukraine.

Chapayevsk, where the railway line was disrupted, hosts JSC Polimer, a weapons manufacturer that faced sanctions from the United States in December.

Following the incident, Russia’s railway operator attributed the disruption to “an intervention by non-authorised persons,” but confirmed there were no casualties. “Rail traffic is currently halted on this segment,” it stated. Additionally, the Russian Federal Security Service in Samara informed Tass news agency that there were no fatalities or injuries, and security forces have sealed off the vicinity of the bridge.

Moscow has not yet responded to the Ukrainian claims. In the context of the ongoing war, which has entered its third year and seen intense trench warfare along the eastern front of Ukraine, verifying statements from either side remains challenging.

This incident reflects a growing boldness from Kyiv in acknowledging operations on Russian soil. Earlier in January, Ukraine’s military intelligence credited “unseen opponents of the Putin regime” with sabotaging a railroad and logistics facilities used by Russian troops in Saratov, Yaroslavl, and Dzerzhinsk.–Web Desk