China’s Defence Minister says Huawei not a military company.

Singapore: Huawei is not a military company despite founder Ren Zhengfei´s previous career in the army, China´s defence minister said Sunday.
“Huawei is not a military company. Do not think that because the head of Huawei used to serve in the military, then the company that he built is part of the military,” General Wei Fenghe told an international security dialogue in Singapore.
“It doesn´t make sense because these sorts of ex-servicemen, upon their retirement, a lot of them have set up companies in countries across the world.”
China says US should bear ‘entire responsibility’ for trade talks setbacks
The United States should bear “sole and entire responsibility” for setbacks in its trade negotiations with China, Beijing said Sunday, alleging that Washington repeatedly changed its demands.
“The US government accusation of Chinese backtracking is totally groundless,” the Chinese government said in a white paper on the trade war.
“Historical experience has proved that any attempt to force a deal through tactics such as smears, undermining and maximum pressure will only spoil the cooperative relationship.”

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