Hamas condemns Israel’s bombing of Syria

In a statement, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas on Friday showed extreme criticism and anger over the violation of the Syrian sovereignty where Israeli bombardment of Syria was too condemned.

Hazem Qasem- Hamas Spokesman in the statement called the Israeli bombardment a new belligerence against an Arab region including complete ummah.
He then in the statement disclosed, “The Israeli bullying is backed by the US administration and all Arab entities seeking normalization with the Israeli occupation.”

However, the Palestinian resistance movement accepts attacks such turbulent behavior of Israel towards Syria a complete violation of the Syrian sovereignty.

Since the start of the civil war in 2011, Israel, according to its acknowledgement shared in recent years, has made several raids in Syria where it witnessed and observed the presence of India as a strategic threat. While, Naftali Bennett who is the Israeli Defense Minister at the early of May declared that his country (Israel) is supposed to step up its campaign against Iran inside Syria.

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