Mass grave of FSA members discovered in Syria’s Afrin

AFRIN, SYRIA: Members of White Helmet dig the area after Free Syrian Army fighters found mass grave in recently liberated Kucuk Meydan village during search efforts after getting information from the PYD/PKK terrorists held in Afrin, Syria on March 25, 2018. A mass grave containing 59 bodies of Free Syrian Army (FSA) members killed by PYD/PKK terror group two years ago was discovered in Syria’s Afrin region. 29 identified bodies were buried in Azaz district, while efforts are underway to ascertain the identities of other 30 bodies. 80 members of the Free Syrian Army had been killed in Ayn Daqna village located in the north of Tal Rifat city after they launched an operation to retrieve the village back from PYD/PKK terrorists at the beginning of 2016. The terror group roamed around the city by carrying the bodies of the FSA members in trailers and trucks and did not hand over the bodies back to their families.

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