Rohingya Muslim couple falls in love at refugee camp

Sadiq fell in love with Usma while living in the world’s largest refugee camp in southern Bangladesh. Nearly one million Rohingya Muslims live in the camp.
Sadiq saw Usma after two months from arrival, and found her beautiful.
“She [Usma] used to come and collect water at the pump,” said Sadiq.
Usma didn’t see Sadiq previously but she noticed him too after sometime.
She mentioned that torture was the reason that enforced her to flee away from Myanmar. She told BBC that people burnt their houses.
Usma asked him to take permission from her parents so that they can get married. Sadiq got the permission and two of them are married now.
The bridegroom said he is not happy how they got married here, he stated “In Maynmar we used to have marriage in a different way, a party with lots of food.”
The couple still found happiness in the world’s largest refugee camp.

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