Jordanians hit streets to demand resignation of gov’t

Security forces in Amman disperse protesters by force, according to witnesses at scene
AMMAN: Hundreds of Jordanians took to the streets of the capital on Friday to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki’s government over an unpopular income tax bill.
Marchers set out from central Amman’s Al-Husseini Mosque on Friday afternoon, chanting, “The people want the government to resign” and “This government has made us hungry”.
At one point, Jordanian security forces prevented protesters from reaching Cabinet headquarters in the city’s Jabal Amman district.
On several occasions, security forces used force to disperse groups of protesters, according to witnesses at the scene.
On Wednesday, thousands of Jordanians took part in a five-hour general strike to protest proposed income tax legislation.
Trade unions had called for Wednesday’s strike after the government approved an amended version of a tax bill that would, if passed, subject all annual incomes of 8,000 Jordanian dinars (roughly $11,200) or more to additional taxes.
And on Thursday, the government raised subsidized electricity prices — for the fifth time this year — leading to further popular discontent.
It also raised subsidized fuel prices by 5.5 percent before reversing the move at the request of King Abdullah II.–AA

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