Turkey arrests 550 illegal migrants

Turkey has served as main route for refugees trying to cross into Europe
EDIRNE/ERZURUM, Turkey: At least 577 undocumented migrants have been held in anti-human smuggling operations across Turkey on Friday, security officials said.
In the northwestern Edirne province, security personnel rounded up 217 migrants who were attempting to illegally travel abroad.
Among the migrants were Syrian, Pakistani, Libyan, Bangladeshi and Iraqi nationals.
Separately, 360 people — including women and children — were held in the eastern Erzurum province.
All the migrants were referred to provincial migration offices.
Turkey has served as a main route for refugees trying to cross into Europe, especially since the beginning of the civil war in Syria.
Among migrants held in 2017 in Turkey, the majority came from Pakistan — around 15,000 — followed by Afghans at around 12,000. Syrians totalled about 10,000.–AA

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