Kuwait stops air operation to and from Iran over coronavirus fears

Kuwait shut off flight operation to and from Iran at the heels of deadly coronavirus outbreak.
The director-general of civil aviation of Kuwait informed the airline companies regarding the latest development operating at Kuwait international airport, in a statement.
The foreigners who stayed in Iran for more than 2-weeks are barred from entering the region, this goes for the Kuwaiti citizens coming from Iran as well. The Kuwaiti nationals returning from Iran must complete a mandatory quarantine period.
Conspicuously, millions of Irani nationals visit Iraq as there are Shi’ite holy sites in the country like the Iraqis travel to Iran.
Discretely, Kuwait’s administration halted movement to and from Iran on the interim due to concerns about coronavirus.
The flight operation to and from Iran was suspended on the suggestion of the Kuwaiti civil aviation authority and the health ministry.
The deadly coronavirus which has killed no less than 2,118 people with more than 74,578 infected in mainland China. The virus has reached more than 30 countries all over the world.
Authorities in Qom direct the citizens not to share hands or make any sort of physical contact after the death of two old men.
The health ministry announced that both older men were having trouble breathing and confirmed for the coronavirus.–Worldwide News

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