Latest updates for coronavirus: WHO ask countries to be “as aggressive as possible”

The UN health body announces the official name for the coronavirus would be COVID-19, while the world health organization has stated it would take 18 months to introduce the vaccine for the coronavirus.
The announcement was made as death toll rises to 1,000 in mainland China, and 108 people died from virus-the maximum score recorded each day since the outbreak of coronavirus in the main city of China Wuhan, since last year.
The national health commission declared the total number of deaths as 1,016 in mainland China, whereas 42, 638 cases have been accounted for. Most of the instances of infection are in Wuhan and the Hubei province.
Two deaths have been accounted outside china, one in the Philippines, and Hong Kong.
A number of nations have evacuated their nationals from Hubei and no less than 25 countries have confirmed coronavirus cases.
The latest updates are as follows:
11th Feb 2020
Confirmation of two more cases in Germany
Two more cases of coronavirus confirmed in Germany, in the southern state of Bavaria, raising the total number to 16. The Bavarian health ministry stated, “The two new cases are related to infections among staff at a company in the Sternberg district west of Munich”.
The car supplier webasto said last month a Chinese worker has been tested positive for coronavirus as he returned back to China after a vacation to the head office in Munich. Apparently, the employer infected quite a lot of German colleagues during the break.
US health official reassures several evacuees may return back from quarantine
US centers for disease control and prevention’s official is positive that the first group of US ex-pats vacated from Wuhan would be free from quarantine today.
The principal director of CDC Dr Anne Schuchat held in a news conference at the national press club Washington, that 195 people evacuated from Wuhan on January 29 are being scrutinized, and she aspires they will be home on Tuesday completing 14 days of quarantine.
WHO says “World must consider coronavirus ‘public enemy number one”.
The WHO necessitates the countries to be “as aggressive as possible” to combat newly-named COVID-19 coronavirus.
The chief of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated “If the world doesn’t want to wake up and consider the virus as public enemy number one, I don’t think we will learn from our lessons”, while in Geneva.
He speculated “We are still in containment strategy and should not allow the virus to have a space to have local transmission”.
The Vaccine can take up to 18 months, says WHO
The first vaccine to cure coronavirus could take up to 18 months to all set, “so we have to do everything today using available weapons” WHO chief said in Geneva.
He made an announcement related to the new name of coronavirus to be COVID-19, describing it was imperative to shun stigmatization of disease, so other names were not suitable.
Tedros says “If we invest now … we have a realistic chance of stopping this outbreak”.
Coronavirus would be termed as “COVID-19”: says WHO
“COVID-19” would be the new terminology for coronavirus as specified by the chief of world health organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.
Tedros explained reporters “We now have a name for the disease and it’s COVID-19” while announcing new name for the novel coronavirus “‘co’ stood for ‘corona’, ‘vi’ for ‘virus’ and ‘d’ for ‘disease’”
Government staff to leave Hong Kong as per US decision
According to the state department, the US has acknowledged the deliberate exodus of US ex-pats working as government employees and their families from Hong Kong.
The US made endorsement “out of an abundance of caution related to uncertainties associated” to coronavirus, as maintained by department spokesperson.
There is no crying out for departure and the US embassy is open as yet in Hong Kong.
Control work showing positive results to prevent coronavirus
The Chinese president is confident that the control work as china’s effort to control coronavirus is yielding positive results and propitious that the country will be triumphant in the battle against coronavirus, state media set forth.
The report says citing Xi’s buoyant statement “China will be more prosperous after the battle against the virus is won”.
Communist party deems the situation in china as severe
The communist party top in the Hunggang city of china, the hard-hit region from coronavirus presumes the condition in the city is harsh as yet.
It is facing a scarcity of medical goods, like face masks and protective goggle, Xuerong reports in a news conference’s live transmission on state media.
Testing coronavirus vaccines in mice
A team of scientists from the United Kingdom assumed they are one of the first to investigate vaccine results on animals for the new coronavirus. Researchers from imperial college London uttered the paramount was to have a successful and secure way out for the tension spread since the end of the last year.
.Paul McKay, one of the researchers told AFP “At the moment we have just put the vaccine that we’ve generated from these bacteria into mice”.
Moreover, “We’re hoping that over the next few weeks we’ll be able to determine the response that we can see in those mice, in their blood, their antibody response to the coronavirus”.
Indonesia contends not anything to veil regarding coronavirus
Indonesia’s health minister clarified the country is not concealing anything, while some medical researchers raised concern that the cases of coronavirus go undetected in the fourth largest country in terms of population. As the virus extended in much of the Asia-pacific region after striking the mainland china, no cases have been recorded in the sprawling southeast archipelago with more than 260 million populations.
After a cabinet meeting in Jakarta, the health minister accounted “We have kits to check coronavirus and they’re certified … nothing is concealed”.
Another Canadian plane arrives in Canada carrying evacuees from china
One more plane carrying evacuees from china lands in Canada, 185 evacuees arrived at an air force base in Trenton from Wuhan city of china, CBC news accounted.
South Korean unit of general motors suspend production
The South Korean unit of general motors held that it proposes to postpone output at one of its factories on Feb. 17, 18, is the first automotive parts industry got affected by the shortage of Chinese parts due to novel coronavirus epidemic in china.
She said, “The affected line, located in the city of Bupyeong near Seoul, produces the Chevrolet Trailblazer crossover for export to the United States and other markets and domestic sales”.
Wining race for coronavirus test
Novacyst, a Franco-British Biotec company declares it can bid a coronavirus test which is quicker than contemporary methods as it focuses on a fine sequence of DNA coding, and fights off tough competition to diverge the epidemic into a business prospect.
The shares of the company, Novacyst have risen up to 400 percent until this year, after it has announced it had manufactured a test capable to identify coronavirus in two hours. Current testing to discover other strains can take a maximum of one day.
The test is not approved by the regulatory authority, but Novacyst aspires to receive a green light signal from European Union to proceed next week and has given application to the food and drug administration of the United States for emergency use.
Malaysia to sketch inspiration for retail, tourism, and aviation
Malaysia aims to employ a stimulus package for retail tourism and aviation sectors, the department of economic affairs stated following a meeting chaired by the premier Mahathir Mohamad.
The ministry maintained in a declaration “Today’s meeting discussed specifically the impact of the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak on the country’s economic growth”.
“Among the sectors identified are the services sectors such as the tourism, retail and aviation industries”.
Two Japanese evacuees confirmed infected
Two Japanese evacuated from china have been tested positive for the coronavirus after initial screening, while they were tested negative, said the health ministry.
Among them, a man with 50 years of age returned to Japan after being evacuated on 29th Jan, formerly tested twice for the epidemic. However, 12 days later the virus was found in him and has been secluded in his hotel room.
The second case, a 40-year-old- man initially tested negative for the test, returned to Japan on 30th Jan, was diagnosed with virus upon in another testing on Monday.
The Outbreak may reach the peak this month, says, Chinese virus expert
The top medical consultant to the Chinese government said: “China’s coronavirus epidemic may peak in February and then plateau before easing”.
The leading epidemiologist, Zhong Nanshan informed in an interview to the news agency that the situation in several provinces is getting better with a decline in the number of coronavirus cases. Zhong Nanshan is recognized for his contributions during the SARS virus in 2003.
Zhong made speculation about coronavirus based on modeling and other recent advancements related to coronavirus as well as the government’s actions to prevent the virus.
WHO considers corona virus “a very grave threat” worldwide
The WHO calls for accelerating drugs and vaccines research for coronavirus and sharing virus samples, as the epidemic in china pose a “very grave threat for the rest of the world”. The director-general of WHO Tedros Ghebreyesus said “With 99 percent of cases in China, this remains very much an emergency for that country, but one that holds a very grave threat for the rest of the world”, while addressing a meeting of up to 400 researchers and national officials and others taking part by video conferencing from Taiwan and mainland China.
German Webasto revives HQ
The auto parts supplier from Germany, Webasto will reopen its head office near Munich on Wednesday, it stated after eight of its workers were tested positive for coronavirus.
The company added, “Workspaces, meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, and sanitary installations were cleaned and disinfected before workers return”.
South Korea to impose strict conditions over traveling to Hong Kong
South Korea will impose “strict quarantine screening” on people coming back from Hong Kong and Macau, starting from Wednesday, said the health officials of the country.
The chief of Korea center s for disease control Jung Eun-Kyeong told the news agency “the possibility of an inflow of coronavirus patients from such regions heightened” is the reason behind this move.
Taiwan restricts travel to Hong Kong, Macau
Taiwan government restricts citizens not to visit Hong Kong to Macau unless they have to, moreover follow preventative measures in case they go to Singapore or Thailand.
The number of visitors decline up to 30 percent in Singapore
Singapore, the place with busiest airports all over the world is expected to face a “significant hit” of more than 30 percent due to the novel coronavirus, as stated by the Singapore tourism board.
Another case of coronavirus reported in Thailand
The country has recorded another case of coronavirus, and the score reaches 33, according to health officials in Thailand.
The director-general of the department of disease control Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchia said: “The new case is a 54-year-old Chinese woman from Wuhan who was put in quarantine after coming into contact with another Chinese virus patient while in Thailand”.
Suwanchai maintained “The 33rd patient got sick from contact and her condition is not severe”.
About 23 patients are in the hospital to get treatment for coronavirus, while ten people infected from the epidemic have been cured and returned home.
Hong Kong insist people remain indoor
Hong Kong urges its citizens to avoid going out and stay at home as far as possible. Carrie lam, Hong Kong leader appealed people to remain indoor. Lam notified reporters “As part and parcel of enhancing social distancing we are making an appeal to the people of Hong Kong to stay at home as much as possible”.
“But at the moment, we’re making this appeal, we’re not going for compulsory closures because Hong Kong is a free society”, he assured.
Places including shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes are almost vacated while people are working from home and schools are closed.
Taiwan insists on the Philippines to lift the travel ban
Taiwan exhorts the Philippines to lift travel ban subsequent to the cancellation of Philippines airline flights to Taiwan and government decision to prohibit all foreigners from the region.
Hubei: Senior health officers have been removed from their jobs
The Chinese news agency reports tow senior health workers have been removed from their job Hubei, the epicenter of the epidemic.
Coronavirus cases increase in Vietnam as a baby get infected
The numbers of coronavirus cases are increasing in Vietnam and number reaches to 15 as a baby get infected by her grandmother, the ministry stated: “The infant tested positive for the virus on February 9”. From a total 15 patients, 10 belonged to the northern province Vinh Phuc. Vietnam has proposed to quarantine score of citizens returning from china, this includes 950 at military camps outside Hanoi and 900 on the Vietnam border, at temporary facilities.
The United States accounts another case of coronavirus, the number reaches to 13
A new case of coronavirus is reported in the United States making the total number of cases across the country to 13. A person who was aboard to the US evacuating from Wuhan displayed symptoms of coronavirus.
Thailand bans cruise passengers as “Permission to disembark refused”
Thailand has refused to let passengers from Holland America’s cruise ship to come ashore, the health minister stated. With the authorization, Thailand becomes the latest country to turn it away due to fear of coronavirus. The public health minister said: “I have issued orders. Permission to disembark refused” in a Facebook post.
China companies bankrupted due to coronavirus
No less than 300 Chinese firms are in need of a loan, making at least 57.4 billion Yuan to lessen the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, as stated by the banking sources. Borrowers include leading food delivery Meituan Dianping, smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, internet security business Qihoo 360 Technology, etc. the companies seeking loans are mostly hardest-hit by the virus or involved in the control of the disease.–Worldwide News

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