Saudi airstrikes Houthis camps in Yemen

Saudi-led forces hit interior ministry building and military positions of Houthis
SANA’A: Warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition forces attacked the Houthi militia-controlled Interior Ministry building in Yemen’s capital Friday, according to a security source.
Coalition forces also targeted military positions of the Houthis near the presidential palace in the capital’s Es-Sebin district, said the source, who asked not to be named due to restrictions on speaking to the media.
Deaths and injuries were reported, but no figures were provided, the source added.
The Houthis have yet to issue a statement on the attacks.
In 2014, Houthi rebels overran much of the country, including the capital Sanaa, forcing Yemen’s Saudi-backed government to set up an interim capital in Aden.
In 2015, Saudi Arabia and its Sunni-Arab allies — who accuse the Houthis of serving as an Iranian proxy — launched a massive military campaign aimed at rolling back Houthi gains.–AA

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