US conducts defensive actions against Houthi missile threats in Yemen

On Thursday, the US military executed “self-defense strikes” targeting four Houthi anti-ship cruise missiles and one drone within areas of Yemen under Houthi dominion. The operation took place between 3:35 PM and 4:55 PM local time, as announced by the US Central Command (CENTCOM), the entity overseeing US military activities in the Middle East. CENTCOM’s statement on X confirmed the engagement against these threats, highlighting the destruction of three drones that had been launched from Houthi-held territories in Yemen.

The initiative aims to safeguard maritime freedom and enhance security for both US Navy ships and commercial vessels navigating international waters. This move comes in response to the Houthis’ recent actions of targeting cargo ships in the Red Sea, particularly those owned or operated by Israeli firms, or those involved in trade with Israel. This has been a part of their solidarity efforts with Gaza Strip amid ongoing conflict since October 7, 2023.

The Red Sea is a critical global artery for the transportation of oil and fuel. In December 2023, in response to these escalating threats, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the establishment of Operation Prosperity Guardian. This multinational mission is designed to counteract the Houthi assaults and ensure the safety of one of the most vital maritime routes in the world.–Web Desk